Monday, September 29, 2014

Reconstruction efforts

Fearless Leader is on a roll with repairs.  Lest I tarnish his words with any hack interpretation thereof, his messages left the indelible impression that he is wholly confident of nothing short of a miraculous renovation, nay, resurrection.

Looks much better today than in this picture.
A work in progress!
Not pretty but it floats!
Looks so much smoother today! And sturdy!
"Getting there.  Once this one is finished I will start on all the parts and pieces, centerboards, rudders, tillers, etc.  4 of everything is quite a pile of “stuff” but getting there!"

The team is buoyed by this remarkable turn of events, to finally have 4 hulls.  It seems we are well on the warpath to September glory.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good, Bad & Ugly

Boat number 4 has been salvaged!

Fearles Leader explained it like this, "Got team 4 real hull number 4 last Friday. Abandoned in a car lot near BWI. Came with sail (to be discarded but boom and gaff to be retained) and two (2) masts (which was critical since I am short one for the hulls we have) and rudder but no centerboard! And a lovely hole in the bottom which I hope to take a stab at fixing this weekend."
The Good
"A fleet! Next task is making sure they are all fully equipped and there is a rack down at the beach for them."
The Bad
"I was going to leave the hull and just take all the hardware but I thought about the method of repair and I think it will turn out just fine. Truly in keeping with the spirit of team 4 real and the sunfish challenge."
And the Ugly
The 2014 Sunfish Challenge has come and gone, it was last weekend, 9/20.  However, 2015 is shaping up to be a 4 real possibility.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Boat #3 has been acquired!

One of the principles, goals, and grounded terms of existence of Team4Real is that no dinghy will be acquired except by sheer coincidence, donation, virtuous struggle, or other such valid rules equating to: the boat is free.

Needless to say, this makes putting together 4 boats, 4 boats that float, will stay afloat, will sail, have a chance to actually compete and bring the requisite glory we seek to fruition, a tad difficult.  This moral fortitude and strength of character to not waiver from a chosen path, put our dreams of conquering Hampton Roads on hold in 2013.

But 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year already with the third hull just arriving in Annapolis this past weekend. George made these observations on hull #3: that it was one of the lightest hulls he's ever picked up, that is comes without any accessories (mast and boom crushed by a felled tree), and the centerboard and rudder are long since lost.
Hull #3 will surely experience more care and excitement after having been found cold, wet and forgotten by a neighbors fence.  And this would normally dash most mere mortals of any further dilly-dallying with what appears a bleak and pointless future.  But not Team4Real. 
Ever the positive thinking bunch, we now have 3 of 4 boats.  That means, if you do the math, just one more hull to go.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

1 for the money, 2 for the show...

...and that's all we've got so far.  Yup, two sad appearing Sunfish hibernating for the winter with a soft blanket of snow (lazy little boats aren't they!).  However, soon enough as if touched by Pegasus, these slumbering plankers will spring forth and glide nimbly across Poseidon's domain.

Clearly there's an issue though; considering our team name, we're short a couple boats huh?  Guess our fearless leader better get that figured out!  Anyone have an extra Sunfish lying and wants to donate it to our more than noble cause?  Pretty please!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A quick & dirty Sunfish history.

I like my martinis up and dirty and aggressively shaken so a few little chips of ice get into the vodka/olive mix and keep it cold just a tad longer than without.  So, now that you know a quick little history of the way I like dirty martinis, go get one so you can get through this saga about the history of the Sunfish sailboat.

Once upon a time... waaaaaaaay back in in another century, 1945, two dudes named Alexander Bryan and Cortlandt Heyniger, who made iceboats, randomly got into making flat, wooden pontoon hulls with lateen sails on un-stayed masts which they called the Sailfish - the predecessor to today's Sunfish.  Oh so cleverly naming their company Alcort, Inc., they got some press about making that boat from some little known magazine called "Life" which said it was "the sportiest little sailing craft afloat".  Fast forward, but not too fast, don't get dizzy after all that vodka, to 1952, and the introduction of the Sunfish.  Basically, a better design that anyone can sail.  I mean anyone and all those anyones better not be thinking they can sail better than Team4Real.  Forget it.  Anyway, focus please, in 1995, the American Sailboat Hall of Fame condemned wait no, I mean commended the Sunfish for "being the most popular fiberglass boat ever designed, with a quarter million sold worldwide".   Nicely done guys!  If you prefer to read the unadulterated story, click here.    So Alcort sold to AMF (we all know what that really means) and got sold again a few more times but still exists and you can go get yourself one right here!

If you read the Wiki page, oh never mind, you're probably not even reading this part, so save the hard work of mouse clicking and just know that Sunfish are pretty big as a racing class.  Yes, Sunfish have class, baby, class and a lot of it.  Also, the big race in Hampton that Team4Real plans to win, is mentioned in the Wiki article as a premier event.  We go big, oh yes we do.  (counting on you not to notice premier in what exactly)    Get some class in your life too, be a member of the ISCA!

The real Sunfish looks like this:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vote early, vote often!

In the spirit of democracy, and I guess Corinthian yachting, the Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race is offering up three (3) courses for this year's race for us sailors to vote upon.  So of course the first question is can you vote more than once?  Apparently yes.  And the second question is why would anyone vote for the longest course, I mean, it'll only take that much longer to get back to the party!

I voted for Course #1, the shortest course, but also a course I think will be a hoot to do - crossing a major shipping channel and through an anchorage for large vessels - on a freakin' Sunfish!  Should be quite the sight when a small fleet of dinghys start mucking up the freighters, or getting run over by them...  Clearly I was thinking ahead to the party when I cast my vote, not the getting run over part.

George wondered aloud, always dangerous, if perhaps we should all sail the course we voted for regardless of which course is chosen.  He reasons that way there will be two guaranteed winners of Team4Real.  Smart!  Since he and I have both voted for Course #1, it remains to be seen who will be sailing Course #2 or #3.  Stay tuned, the gripping vote tally, hanging chads and all, is sure to be an edge of the seat nail biter - if only I knew when the announcement was to be?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

And so it begins.

Team 4 Real has a mastermind, George, and his brilliant scheme is to show up to the 2013 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race with four boats, four sailors and crush the competition.  I was asked to join the team one recent evening after a few glasses of champagne (we only drink the real stuff) with the promise that the parties would never run out of booze, the boats would be provided, a seasoned coach would keep us in line, and the team will kick ass.  How does one say no to that?  My job beyond racing one of four boats, is to write this blog (authoring now in full swing), never miss a practice, come up with a team name (whaddaya think of it?), and recruit my other half, Brad, as the coach (working on that angle).  This is for real.