Sunday, December 16, 2012

And so it begins.

Team 4 Real has a mastermind, George, and his brilliant scheme is to show up to the 2013 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race with four boats, four sailors and crush the competition.  I was asked to join the team one recent evening after a few glasses of champagne (we only drink the real stuff) with the promise that the parties would never run out of booze, the boats would be provided, a seasoned coach would keep us in line, and the team will kick ass.  How does one say no to that?  My job beyond racing one of four boats, is to write this blog (authoring now in full swing), never miss a practice, come up with a team name (whaddaya think of it?), and recruit my other half, Brad, as the coach (working on that angle).  This is for real.

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