Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vote early, vote often!

In the spirit of democracy, and I guess Corinthian yachting, the Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race is offering up three (3) courses for this year's race for us sailors to vote upon.  So of course the first question is can you vote more than once?  Apparently yes.  And the second question is why would anyone vote for the longest course, I mean, it'll only take that much longer to get back to the party!

I voted for Course #1, the shortest course, but also a course I think will be a hoot to do - crossing a major shipping channel and through an anchorage for large vessels - on a freakin' Sunfish!  Should be quite the sight when a small fleet of dinghys start mucking up the freighters, or getting run over by them...  Clearly I was thinking ahead to the party when I cast my vote, not the getting run over part.

George wondered aloud, always dangerous, if perhaps we should all sail the course we voted for regardless of which course is chosen.  He reasons that way there will be two guaranteed winners of Team4Real.  Smart!  Since he and I have both voted for Course #1, it remains to be seen who will be sailing Course #2 or #3.  Stay tuned, the gripping vote tally, hanging chads and all, is sure to be an edge of the seat nail biter - if only I knew when the announcement was to be?

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