Monday, September 29, 2014

Reconstruction efforts

Fearless Leader is on a roll with repairs.  Lest I tarnish his words with any hack interpretation thereof, his messages left the indelible impression that he is wholly confident of nothing short of a miraculous renovation, nay, resurrection.

Looks much better today than in this picture.
A work in progress!
Not pretty but it floats!
Looks so much smoother today! And sturdy!
"Getting there.  Once this one is finished I will start on all the parts and pieces, centerboards, rudders, tillers, etc.  4 of everything is quite a pile of “stuff” but getting there!"

The team is buoyed by this remarkable turn of events, to finally have 4 hulls.  It seems we are well on the warpath to September glory.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good, Bad & Ugly

Boat number 4 has been salvaged!

Fearles Leader explained it like this, "Got team 4 real hull number 4 last Friday. Abandoned in a car lot near BWI. Came with sail (to be discarded but boom and gaff to be retained) and two (2) masts (which was critical since I am short one for the hulls we have) and rudder but no centerboard! And a lovely hole in the bottom which I hope to take a stab at fixing this weekend."
The Good
"A fleet! Next task is making sure they are all fully equipped and there is a rack down at the beach for them."
The Bad
"I was going to leave the hull and just take all the hardware but I thought about the method of repair and I think it will turn out just fine. Truly in keeping with the spirit of team 4 real and the sunfish challenge."
And the Ugly
The 2014 Sunfish Challenge has come and gone, it was last weekend, 9/20.  However, 2015 is shaping up to be a 4 real possibility.